Empower Social Work Services was established to support people in building community, networks and social connections.

We offer a quality specialist service that goes beyond what traditional service and large providers can offer.  We act as a bridge to resources, supports, and services - meaning we connect you through our connections and experience to the people, information, ideas and tools that can best help you. 


We will show you how to braid together funding sources and community resources to secure the supports you need.  We can also help you uncover ways to get what you need, even if you don't know exactly what you need, or what you know you need does not already exist.  We do this all to support you to grow and not only reach your dreams, but live them.

Empower Social Work Services does not work for any particular service  provider, we work for you.  This independence is core to our values and our client value proposition as it means we are able to direct all our focus and efforts to where you need it the most.

David Power
Managing Director

The initiative was founded by David Power, a dedicated social worker with a strong commitment to maximising the well-being of individuals, families and communities.  David has over ten years experience and a proven track record of specialist-level knowledge, expertise and skills in contemporary social work practice within the disability sector. 


David is fun, optimistic, passionate and enthusiastic to achieve quality outcomes for the people he supports.